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GEM is a video producer that started in 2022 with a focus on audience satisfaction. On the GemTV site, you can easily find new series such as Yaghi series, Bigonah Series , Khoonsard (add your own series and movies) and watch these movies with your family. We never interferes with the content of the videos and allows the creators and writers of the films to work freely and create new films.
In recent years, in addition to the latest Persian movies,Gem TV also prepares other programs such as audio and video interviews.

a number of famous Iranian actors and directors, while immigrating from Iran, have joined Gem TV satellite channel and appeared in TV series produced by this channel, including Bahman Mofid, Morteza Aghili.

The dubbing of the Sede Bashkoh or Hareem Sultan series fromGemTV was among its audience series

Gem TV is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. The main business of this company is providing movies and series. In January 2022, We reached 1.5 million subscribers from all over the world, which shows the high quality of the films and the hard work of Or employees and proves to everyone that perseverance and joint cooperation It can always save any business.
We always try to satisfy people and customers and become the best site in our field with hard work and responsibility. Please support us by introducing us to your friends.

So lets take a look at some new uploads here. Bigonah , yaghi , afatabparast ,khoonsard  and Jeyran series part 45 is the latest updatet articles